Fearless Vision Board Party for Teens


Fearless Vision Board Party – Your Dreams Matter!

Sunday,  Jan 21, 4 – 7pm

Yoga, Dinner, Vision Board for teens ages 14 – 18

Dragonfly Wellness Center, 176 Jackson Road, Devens, MA

supplies and dinner provided


Get grounded, nourished and create!

Join Kim and Liz as we shed the outside world, do some grounding and empowering yoga, eat great food, have fun conversation, and envision our best 2018. Bring your own unique spirit and light to this workshop and we’ll create a sacred space where we feel safe to explore and allow our dreams to emerge.

get grounded

Yoga To start our time together, Liz will guide you in a 30 minute yoga practice designed to balance, strengthen and ground you, quiet your inner critic, and allow your creativity and inner voice to come out and fire up your goals.

get nourished

Food– grab a plate of delicious food and we’ll get to creating.


Vision Board is a visualization tool with which you create a unique space to define your dreams, goals and desires.  By creating your own personal Vision Board,you will become an active participant in the creation of your future – a future full of possibilities!

Dream it!  Believe it!  Do It!

Kim will guide you through a short series of steps to help you focus in on what you envision for your 2018. The rest of the time you will get creating and bringing your visions to life. Leave feeling energized and excited, with your own inspirational piece of art that will remind you of the fabulous things in store for you in 2018.

Feel free to bring some of your own favorite magazines and any other materials you want to incorporate into your vision board.

Cost: $35 per person OR with a friend, $30 each.

Register:  Click HERE!

Sign up no later than Jan. 19.