Class: Mindful Photography for Teens

Mindful Photography for Teens

This teen course is a series of 6 interactive classes that introduce photography as a tool


Sharing at Dragonfly Wellness Center. Photo by Carol Hicksa

for positive growth and self-reflection. Through weekly photographic assignments, such as finding hearts present in nature, we will improve our photography skills and discuss and reflect on our personal experiences in an open and supportive environment. We will conclude the course with an art project to remember and share our learning.

This class is about the process and the journey of using photography as a tool and not about photographic quality. Any camera is fine.  You just need an interest in photography, self-reflection, and a willingness to share. Space is limited.


Dragonfly Wellness Center 

The next class has not been scheduled. To get on a waiting list and be notified, please contact Kim at