Workshops and Events

Below are workshops and events I am currently offering. Registration information is located in the course descriptions. Click on the name of the course below to register and find more information.

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Online Mindful Photography Course

Kim’s original 6-week Mindful Photography course is now available online with bonus material. Go at your own pace. Share as desired. In this course, you will experience 7 photography assignments that will help you improve your photography skills and gain a greater sense of well-being at the same time.

Have you already registered and have your passcode to this online Mindful Photography course? If so, use this button to enter the course.

We offer a nicotine education and cessation event for adults and/or teens who use tobacco products such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chew, or other. Loved ones of those who use nicotine products are encourage to come to our events and find out how you can help your loved one find their quit.

Unfortunately, there are no Nicotine Events scheduled right now. For more information or to schedule an event for your community, please follow the link below or contact Kim at

OR you can learn more at: Find YOUR Quit

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