Corporate, School, Team Wellness

Group of diversity people volunteen charity project

Group of diversity people volunteer charity project

As a Certified Health Education Specialist and a licensed teacher, Kim is trained to create health education workshops and programs that are evidence based and engaging.

Team, or group, workshops are a great way to create a collaborative and unifying space. Kim’s workshops are customized to meet the needs and interests of each group’s population. Whether your group is based in the workplace, school, or youth sports team, she can work with you and the needs of your people to create a workshop that is informative and engaging.

The following is an example of some health education workshops that can be tailored to your needs:

  1. Healthy Eating 101
  2. Hidden Sugars in Your Diet
  3. Setting SMART goals to improve health behaviorsWhy Cant I lose weight
  4. Strategies for Personal Change
  5. Vision Boarding
  6. Mindful Photography
  7. Easy Activities for Managing Stress
  8. Mindfulness for the Senses
  9. Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
  10. Improve Your Health, Improve Your Performance

In what other ways can Kim help your organization?

  1. Kim can help administrators analyze their healthcare and employee survey or utilization data to help design the appopriate health promotion programs. 
  2. Kim can bring group and individual health and lifestyle coaching (counseling) to your organization. Contact Kim to discuss your needs.

To learn more about Certified Health Education Specialists, download the  Why Hire a CHES?  brochure


“Thank you for a great seminar. There were many take aways for me as a hockey mom and for a healthy life.”