What is health and wellness coaching?

Health and wellness coaching is a growth-promoting relationship that evokes client motivation and self-confidence in order to achieve positive and sustainable behavioral changes. In coaching, the client is the decision-maker, the coach is the supportive guide.

What coaching is and not

For more detailed information, click HERE…Wellcoaches Health Coach Pamphlet to read the Wellcoaches Pamphlet on coaching and how we can make a difference in your life.

Who can benefit from a coaching relationship with Kim?

You: Anyone who is ready to make changes in their life can benefit from a health and wellness coach. Coaches provide the support and guidance to help you identify and achieve your goals for lasting effect.

Those with a medical need:  It is not uncommon for doctors and other health professionals to recommend health and lifestyle changes based on a diagnosis but they don’t always provide any strategies or support for making those changes. Health and wellness coaches can take the information from your provider and help you devise a plan to incorporate the new behaviors in a way that makes sense for you.

Teens and Young Adults: Kim has a special place in her heart for teenagers and young adults. Her teacher training and parenting experience provide her with the intuition and insightfulness to help these emerging adults develop goal-setting skills, healthy perspectives, realistic expectations, and a growth mindset.  Teens will define who they want to be and learn how to get there in an environment that is supportive and positive.

See my teen coaching page for more information.

What type of things can Health and Wellness Coaching help with?Microsoft Word - categories.docx

Health and Wellness Coaching is not only about diet and exercise.  Clients can focus in any area, or areas, in which they are interested in making changes, such as nutrition, fitness, career, stress, relationships, sleep habits, organization, smoking cessation, etc.

Where is Kim located?

Kim conducts coaching sessions according to your preference and location:

Private Coaching Costs

All new and potential coaching clients receive a complimentary informational session where you can share your concerns, learn more about Kim, and what to expect.

To learn more about coaching time commitments, fees and packages, follow this link.

LEARN MORE: Private Coaching Costs and Package Rates

Can I use my FSA card for health coaching services?

Yes and No

Yes: If a doctor submits a letter of medical necessity for the health coaching.

No: Coaches cannot swipe FSA cards…YET. Services must be paid and submitted to FSA for reimbursement. Check with your FSA and insurance as plans are changing.

Are health coaches covered by insurance?

Health Coaches are working on becoming independently covered providers but this has not gone through YET. Until then, talk to your doctor and your insurance company to see if your medical diagnosis fits the medical necessity requirement for health coaching coverage.