Current Workshops and Classes

Below are classes I am currently offering. Registration information is located in the course descriptions. Click on the name of the course below to register and find more information.

Workshops Currently Being Offered

Click on workshop titles to learn more.


Superhero in Square

January 10, 2018

Jump Start Your Dreams for BUSY MOMS 

Are you ready to follow your dreams and make changes in your life to get you there?



small logo

January 21, 2018

Fearless Vision Board Party for Teens

Because your dreams matter! Join us as we shed the outside world, do some grounding and empowering yoga, eat great food, have fun conversation, and en”vision” our best 2018.



Science of character

March 7, 2018

The Science of Character (March)

Character Matters. Join us for a screening of this short film on character and a following discussion about character in ourselves, our children, and our communities.


 Corporate and School Workshops

I can come to your location to lead health, wellness, and lifestyle workshops. All workshops can be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your audience. I am also happy to collaborate and create something new.  Contact to me to discuss how I can help you promote greater wellbeing in your community.

Here are some examples:

Healthy Eating:  

  • Healthy Eating 101
  • How to Avoid the Freshmen 15 at School



  • 12 Strategies for Goal Success
  • Jump Start Your Dreams
  • Successful Goal Setting


Athletic Performance

  • Improve Your Health, Improve Your Performance (for student athletes)


Stress & Anxiety

  • Time Management
  • Mindfulness for the Busy Mind
  • Techniques for Stress Relief

Art Meets Wellbeing

  • Mindful Photography
  • Vision Board






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