FreshStart: Smoking Cessation Program



Want to quit smoking or vaping?  This 4-week program is the American Cancer Society’s FreshStart smoking cessation program, which is designed by industry leaders to set up you for success to break that nicotine habit.

Nicotine addiction is one of the hardest addictions to break because it’s both a physical addiction and an emotional habit. Most people cannot quit on their own.

Join this coach-led, evidence-based, 4-week program starting on Sunday Sept 9, 2018 at Dragonfly Wellness Center.  Participants must attend all 4 sessions.


Dates: September 9, 16, 23, 30

Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm

Cost: $125 and includes the FreshStart participant guide ($25 value) and a certificate of completion.

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1.Personal Coaching Support – Receive personal coaching support from Kim after your quit day to help you stay nicotine free.  Each pre-paid 30-minute phone session is $30.00 (usually $50).

2. Acupuncture detox (pkg of 3) – It is recommended to schedule these 1/2 hour appointments before your quit day to ensure availability on the most advantageous day of your quit plan. Cost $125 (usually $135) Practioner: Marianne Volpe, read more below.

  • 1st treatment on day 2 or 3
  • 2nd treatment on day 4 or 5
  • 3rd treatment on a day 8 – 10
3. Herbs for cravings: Receive chinese herbal formula based on your needs. Practioner: Marianne Volpe, read more below.
  • Herbs to manage food cravings and addictions including nicotine. $30
  • Herbal intake for personal symptoms, including treatment of phlegm in the lungs. $45


*Marianne Volpe is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Hypnotherapist at Dragonfly Wellness Center. Learn more