Body, Beauty & Balance


Welcome to the BB&B!

We are a monthly support circle for women passionate about building a strong body, feeling beautiful and and finding balance in our lives. What does it take for you to feel amazing, whatever age you are? How can you feel confident, empowered and radiant?

Each month we will share our success stories and our challenges in a supportive and caring environment. Includes coach-guided sessions on topics such as self-care, nutrition, motivational strategies, body image and relationships.


BB&B Details

Group meets at Dragonfly Wellness Center at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month starting in September. (register by following link highlighted on date)

  • September 5th  topic: body image
  • October 3rd   topic: honoring women’s life cycles
  • November 7th  topic: eating healthy, who, what, where, why, and HOW etc…
  • December 5th  topic:  getting exercise; overcoming the hurdles we face

Cost is $10.00 per session. Pre-register for the session you want to attend by clicking on the date above.

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