Private Coaching Fees

I offer a Free Initial Consultation to help you to know if a coaching relationship with me is right for you and help you understand how coaching works and what to expect.

Book your FREE Initial Consultation NOW by following the link provided to access available appointments.

Hourly Rate

My hourly rate is $75.00 and 30-minute sessions are $50. For the first 6-8 weeks, 1 hour sessions are recommended and expected. Shorter sessions are available for clients who have made significant progress and need customized support. Fees are subject to change.

“First Step” Discovery and Foundational Coaching Session for $99

This single 90 minute, personal coaching session is the first step in any coaching relationship and is designed to give you the opportunity to try coaching and at the same time establish your personal vision, goals and plan of action. Your session includes:

  1. Wellbeing Assessment
  2. Inventory Foundations
  3. Creation of Personal/Wellness Vision
  4. Establish 1 3-month goal
  5. Create 1 weekly goal
  6. Follow up goal review session

Package Options

I offer package options for those ready to commit to the coaching process and making lifestyle changes. These packages are based on hours to accommodate longer-term clients who may need or want flexibility based on their changing needs.

  1. The “Jump Start Me” 4 hours for $280
  2. The “Making Headway” 8 hours for $550
  3. The “Game Changer” 12 hours for $750

All packages provide you with the following benefits.

  • Creation of a Wellness Vision
  • Wellbeing Assessment and Review
  • Establishment of 3-month goals
  • Flexible 30 or 60 minute coaching sessions, as indicated
  • Weekly email or text check-in, as needed
  • Documentation of goals and session overview
  • Reduced rate based on prepaid commitment
  • Review of long term goal success and applicability
  • Personal progress and growth

Payment: Payment is due before or at the time services are rendered. I accept online payment, credit cards, personal checks and cash.

You may pre-pay online HERE or by contacting Kim.

Gift Cards: eGift cards are available for purchase  HERE