About Kim

teen-7869-EditKim Manning is a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Certified Health Education Specialist, with a Masters in Health Studies (think Health Promotion). She is committed to creating a safe and positive space for clients to feel valued and supported as they overcome challenges and reach their personal goals.

Kim specializes in coaching and mentoring teens and young adults who are ready to make positive lifestyle changes by helping them develop goal-setting skills, healthy perspectives, realistic expectations, and a growth mindset. Kim completed a teacher training program at a well-respected, progressive Massachusetts charter school and holds a Massachusetts high school teaching license in biology and health. This experience, coupled with her coach training, gives her the ability to develop the trusting relationships necessary to support today’s teenager.

Kim offers private individual and group health coaching sessions, wellness-related classes and workshops, and customized corporate health promotion services. See specific website tabs for more information.

Kim is a wife, mother to two teenagers, and self-proclaimed domestic zookeeper. In her enzo_white_journeyspare time, she enjoys photography, reading, cooking, traveling, yoga, meditation, ice hockey, good food and wine, holistic and natural medicine, exploring different cultures, and spending time with friends.

Kim has spent many years improving her own health and well-being through a combination of education, traditional, holistic, and alternative healing techniques, and nutrition-based healing. What she found is a strong connection between the mind and body, and how we care for both.


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