Hockey Mom T

Years ago I created a hockey mom design for t-shirts. I all but forgot about it until I got an email from that someone had ordered one.

This design brings back memories of our youth hockey days:

  • spending 5-7 days/week in rinks
  • hanging out with my hockey family
  • driving insane distances for Jordan to play a game, tournaments, competitions, and camps
  • equipment
  • skates sharpened
  • tape, tape, tape

The design was created from a photo of Jordan when she was about 10. The silhouette hides this fact. So really when I see this design, it reminds me of her in her younger days and how those experiences prepared her for the prep and college world of women’s hockey.

So I decided to update the products availble on that have my design. I hope I did it correctly.

If you are a hockey mom or know one who is fabulous and keeps it all together, check out the t-shirt.

We are definitely a special breed!

Here’s to you!

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powered by Spreadshirt

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