What is sexy?

Sexy Blog

Today, I went on a photo shoot with a photographer friend of mine. I was serving as the test model for a collection of fine art, lifestyle images. When I asked what clothes I should bring, she answered “wear what makes you feel sexy”.

Sounds like an easy request, but it wasn’t.  What is sexy? Is it dressing provocatively? Is it showing cleavage, legs, or a bare midriff? Is it a pair of shoes or heavy eyeliner? Is it lace,  leather, or silk? Is it tight body hugging clothes or barely there outfits that leave little to the imagination?

Yes and No.

Being sexy is an individual opinion. What is sexy to one may not be sexy to someone else. It’s all a matter of personal preference. It’s subjective. Everything can be sexy; it’s all about how you feel at that moment. I think it is about what makes you feel good and what you find attractive. I don’t think its only about attracting a mate or attracting attention. I think it can be an internal feeling of self-love and self-attraction.

So, as I perused my closet looking for outfits, I had to define what made me feel sexy.  I realized that sexy for me is Confidence and Strength; the ability to stand tall, head held high, and a sense of “owning it”. To me, being comfortable in my own skin, is sexy.

So what did my collection of CLOTHES include? Well, I brought a comfortable pair of slightly baggy girlfriend jeans, high heeled tall leather boots, a halter-top summer jumper, a flowy kimono scarf, a choker necklace, a long goddess necklace, big earrings, rings on my index finger, and a flowy, low-back top. What else helped me feel sexy? The wind blowing through my hair, being barefoot in nature, and open and outstretched arms.

In reflection of this little mental exercise, I realized I don’t give being sexy much attention. After being married for 21 years and climbing up on 50 years old, it’s just not on the top of my to-do list. But it made me feel good to feel desirable, comfortable, free, and full of self love. Whether or not I will try to be or look sexy more often is not really the point BUT taking time to harness that feeling is worth it.

So thank you, Carol, for asking the question and providing me an additional opportunity to feel alive and comfortable in my own skin.

So what makes you feel sexy?

What does sexy mean to you?

Is it strength and confidence or something else?

I would love to hear your take on it.




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