Just Do It?


Just do it….that’s what Nike says. I call BS.

Making lifestyle changes does not come down to having information and self-control.

Think about it. We have all the resources and information we need at our fingertips and yet the American people are sicker and fatter than ever before.  The life expectancy of our children’s generation is actually shorter than ours. SHORTER? With all the advances in medicine, our children will die younger than us and primarily because of preventable diseases. (New England Journal of Medicine, Mar 17, 2005 and CDC Life Expectancy Tables).

Why are almost 50% of Americans overweight and yet we have nutritional, fitness, and health information flooding our lives?

Because the “Just do it” motto does NOT work for most people. Plus, sooooo many factors play a role in health….environment, social networks, government policies, genetics, behavioral choices, education, poverty/wealth, access to healthcare, access to mental health, access to healthy foods, trauma, chemicals and poisons in our environment, food, and products…the list goes on.

However, obesity in America crosses all socio-economic lines. WHY? Because even though we know WHAT to eat and that we need to exercise more and reduce our stress, we don’t always know HOW to implement those changes for long-term success.  We know how to “diet” and then we gain it back. We know how to deprive ourselves and then binge later. We throw ourselves into exercise routines then quit just as quickly.

This is not the way to live.

Life is about balance and enjoying life. You CAN be healthy AND happy.  Hiring a health and wellness coach has shown to be the most effective way to reach and maintain your personal goals. Trained coaches offer guidance, accountability, and collaboration.  Coaches are patient-centered, not disease-centered. When you have someone who is listening, brainstorming, and supporting you, it is uplifting, energizing, and emotionally rewarding. Coaches build confidence and success.

Here is more proof that coaching works:

Everyday Health on Coaching

The Health Coach Group

The American Academy of Family Physicians

Medical Economics

National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine

The Mayo Clinic


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