Meeting Zelda

“Zelda is a Storyteller,
Drum and Rattle Maker,
Creator of Personal Shields,
Keeper of the Ancestor Doll and Creator of the
Sacred Dream Circles.”


This week my friends and I went to Circles of Wisdom in Andover, MA because there was a native american artist displaying and selling her creations, Zelda Hotaling. What was just a fun trip to check out rattles, drums, and dream catchers on Saturday afternoon, turned into a personal journey and connection to a wise mother and the importance of friendship.

Zelda was the jovial, beautiful woman with long hair, blue eyes, and a deep connection to her purpose in life.  Once we got talking to her, we couldn’t stop. She told us cool stories about the events that led up to her retirement and the creation of her 7 foot Sacred Dream Circles, something she usually gets paid to do.

Each of us was drawn to an item in her store and because it was the day before Father’ssign
Day, we decided to buy these items for our respective husbands. We asked about each item and she gave us a story and a suggestion for its use. HOWEVER, she told us they were NOT for our husbands they were ours and we needed to stop giving ourselves away.  (ain’t that the truth)


Each time we would be ready to leave, something or some comment, would bring us back to Zelda. She showed us how to give a massage with her shell rattles and we had a ceremonial singing circle with drums, rattles, and a very special turkey feather.

The most special gift she gave to each of us was a comment. Apparently, out of the blue, she would make a statement, either out loud or quietly in one’s ear, that was exactly what that person needed at that time. It was like she could read our deepest needs and then gave us the gift of healing. Without going into private details…it was amazing for each of us. Many tears fell that day.

When we left, after promising to come visit Zelda’s Sacred Dream Circles and have a girls weekend at her place, we all just looked at each other and hugged and laughed in the hall. What a gift this day turned out to be. We lost time in that space with Zelda…3 hours had passed since we walked in.

There are so many wonderful people and beautiful teachings in this world. I was so glad to have been able to share this experience with my friends. I think Zelda was as drawn to us as we were to her.

Had I gone there alone I probably wouldn’t have talked to Zelda as much; not because I wouldn’t want to, but because I tend to get shy and reserved in new experiences. I wouldn’t want to bother her (but that’s another issue). I sink into the background and observe….soaking it in. With my friends, I was pulled in and benefited from their adventurous personalities. I definitely learned that I could be a little more outgoing in these situations. I also know to honor myself and, if that is who I am, so be it.

Doing this with friends was so much more fun than alone anyway.

Maybe THAT was the real lesson.



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