How do you reset your diet?


Lately my stomach has been a nightmare. I am sure everyone can relate to that feeling. I miss feeling light and energetic. I know how I got here…to much eating out at restaurants, too much junk/sugar, emotional eating, and too much alcohol for my system.  By most standards, I don’t do any of these things a lot. I actually have a pretty healthy diet but for me the combination of all these things in a little bit of excess over time caused some annoying health issues to return.

I know what I have to do. I need to stop and reset. BUT HOW?

Here is a list of things I pulled together that I know will help me…

  1. Just stop eating crap
    • (easier said than done) I know need to stop eating those things that I know irritate my stomach and watch my portion sizes. I have been a little lax in that area lately. Plus I need to limit eating out at restaurants…there is NOTHING better than homemade. We all know what we SHOULD do, but doing it is a whole another ballgame.
  2. Take Zantac
    • Last time time I felt this way, I went to the doctor because it was such a new and terrible sensation. Zantac did help it go away BUT there are many downsides to taking such prescription meds and I prefer to heal the root of the problem and not just treat symptoms because that’s just a bandaid.
  3. Do a diet cleanse.
    • Eliminate the sugars, processed foods, foods I know I know cause me symptoms. Heal my gut. Eat simply.
  4. Hire a health coach.
    • I am a coach and I know how beneficial a coaching relationship can be to help people overcome obstacles and reach their goals. I also know how motivating and energizing talking to a coach can be.
  5. Retake my MRT food sensitivity test  with my nutritionist, George.
    • Over time, food sensitivities can change. It would not be unlikely that foods that used to be safe for me are now causing issues. Identification REALLY helps.
  6. See Sarah for ART
    • My friend Sarah specializes in the “Allergy Relief Technique” or ART, which has helped a number of my friends overcome food allergies, lyme, and chronic inflammation by teaching the body to stop over-reacting to stimuli.
    •  Per the website….”A.R.T.™ is a unique combination of advanced energy medicine and Western technology, working to balance an individual’s energy to allow the immune system to function optimally.”

This is a pretty good list of things I can do to get better. I don’t really have any excuses and there are definitely more benefits to doing something than staying where I am.

What did I decide?

I decided to start with a diet reset as described in the book “If the Buddha Came to Dinner: How to Nourish Your Body to Awaken Your Spirit” by Hale Sofia Schatz. I don’t do juices and I don’t starve myself but I need a plan. My friend Carol is in the middle of this plan and feels and looks great. The gist is to eat simply…just vegetables for 2-6 days, then add grains for 2-6 days, then add protein for 2-6 days.  For me the slow add is a good way to test for foods that I am sensitive and getting rid of my cravings.  No juicing, no dieting, no crap; just simple whole foods.  However, this is NOT a long-term approach.

Quick resets do NOT establish healthy eating habits and we are most likely going to go back to bad habits if we don’t establish good ones.  But this type of approach does work for me as a reset and helps me re-establish a better and healthier relationship with food. I lose cravings and the emotions attached to eating. I also re-establish good habits such as meal planning, preparing meals, getting creative in the kitchen, and enjoying the taste of whole foods.

I also called Wellcoaches for my own personal health coach today. I am coach and I know the benefits of having a coach. What I love about BEING coached by someone else is that you don’t have to work on just one thing. Really, the factors in our health are all related anyway. I can get support and accountability for my healthier eating goals AND receive collaboration and support in my business and personal goals. It’s a total win-win! The proverbial killing 2+ birds with one stone.

My next steps, which I haven’t done yet, are to reach out to Sarah (ART) and George (Nutritionist). I want to find out what foods I am reacting to, just in case there are new ones that are causing these negative effects. The easiest way to get rid of symptoms is to identify the cause by retaking the MRT test. Then I can work with Sarah to heal my body and my gut so that it stops reacting to foods all together.

This is MY plan.

What do you do to reset when your eating habits have gone awry?

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