MyPlate Calculator


Trying to eat healthier and don’t know where to start? Try the “MyPlate Checklist Calculator” at You enter your information and it tells you how cmp_slideshow_platemany servings you need in each food category. You can take that information to help you modify your diet, if needed.  There are actually a lot of good tools on this website.

 I use the MyFitness App to help log what I eat when I need to get back on track and eat a more balanced diet.  Just like everyone else, eating a healthy and balanced diet gets turned upside down sometimes with parties, eating out, and stress/emotional events. Logging my food into MyFitness App helps me and I realize that I eat a lot of protein, maybe too much. Truly, I know that but when I document it and see the real data, it’s harder to make excuses or deny the reality.  Can’t run away from facts.

For some people eating a lot of protein might be good.  I believe that one diet does not fit all. Some people function best as vegans, some NEED meat. Find what works for you.

No matter what your eating style is, we all need nutrients to help our body function properly.  Fueling our body is the #1 reason we eat…not taste, not emotion, not joy, not social…fuel and nutritional support for all the processes and functions that are occurring in our bodies. Cell division, DNA replication, liver function, brain function, heart and lungs…you get the gist. Important stuff. The taste and enjoyment and social aspects are just the icing on the cake…so to speak.

Back to the checklist. I KNOW I need to eat less protein because I have with every meal and I crave it. It fills me up, I enjoy it, and tastes good.  But I am not sure how much I should be having for my body. I also know that I need to eat MORE fruits and vegetables. No one was ever unhealthy from eating vegetables and Americans just don’t get enough, including me.

So this Checklist, really helped me understand how much protein I should be eating in a day to help reduce my saturated fat and guide me to eating more fruits and vegetables.

Next time, I reach for that Bell & Evans Chicken Tender as a snack, I will think about how much protein I have had or will have and maybe grab the apple or carrots instead. It’s a journey. This will take some time to incorporate…all change does take time.

Today, I consciously paid attention to the proteins I was eating and when I was craving them. Next step, I will make a plan and see what works. I am not far off but a little tweaking may be good.

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