The three S’s in SucceSS

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I have learned a lot from my coaching career, both from my class and from working with clients. One thing I learned is that success doesn’t always just happen. Besides hard work, it takes a positive attitude (the belief that you CAN do it and WILL do it),  flexible mindset (mistakes are learning opportunities from experiments) and what I am calling the 3S’s in SucceSS.  These are by no means the only factors in success but ones that coaching tends to highlight.

What are the three S’s?

STRENGTHS: : When you know your personal strengths, you can use those characteristics to help you overcome obstacles and make sure that you are being true to who you really are, not what others think you “should” be. For instance, choosing a field of study or career path is best when personal strengths and passions are taken into account.  To find your personal strengths, there are many assessments you can take. Here are a couple I have tried and liked.

Strengths Finder: Strengths Finder is a book that helps you identify your greatest strengths and then provides insights and actions based on those strengths. You can click on the Strengths Finder to go to the website and read more about it. You must order the book to take the FREE assessment. To order at amazon click HERE .

VIA Survey of Character Strengths: This FREE assessment analyzes 24 personal character strengths and provides you with a ranking of strengths based on your answers. This website also has other assessments relating to optimism and mental health.

MAPP Assessment: The MAPP assessment is a career assessment tool. I really like how they apply your personality and strengths to career options you might thrive in. This is how I found Health Educator years ago. I found the information so helpful, I paid for one of the reports and I did NOT regret it.

SUPPORTS: Your supports are those structures, people, things in your environment that you can rely on to help you overcome obstacles.  Supports can be your family, friends, co-worker, teacher, or neighbor. Supports can also be your calendar, phone, reminders or where you live, work, and play.  There are many factors in your life that affect your well-being both positively and negatively. It’s always a good idea to know all the good you have in your life that you can rely on for help. You are NOT alone.

STRATEGIES: Strategies are your game plan. Whether it be a strategy to overcome an obstacle or strategies for implementing a behavior change, having a well thought out plan of action can increase your chance of success. You write a business plan to start a business. You can also develop a plan and strategies to make changes to your lifestyle.

Coming soon….strategies for making changes in your life.

We feel happy and fulfilled when are basic human needs are being met. The need to be successful, accomplished, appreciated, and competent are important. Although different people surely have different levels of needs, don’t underestimate your basic human needs.

Feeling Words

Want to be successful, especially your wellness goals? Honor yourself, the good things in your life, be honest about what you need. Although you can learn from observing others and having role models, do not compare yourself to others. You have your own path that will lead you to your personal successes!

Bon Voyage!

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