Doing the right thing can be hard

We have all heard that doing the right thing can be hard or that the best things in life worth doing are the hardest. This sounds so empowering until you have to actually do it.untitled-3519

Recently, I had to do something in my professional life that was took a toll on my emotions. It was actually heart-breaking, but it was the right thing for all parties involved. Even though you know something is the right thing to do, that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. Even though you know all parties will be better off in the long run, that doesn’t make it easier. Avoiding the situation would be unethical and/or just not fair.

This isn’t the first time I had to do something hard but it doesn’t make it easier for me.  You know, life is about winning, losing, falling, getting back up, growing, and learning. I have experienced enough to know that even the bad things can become good things because they force us to grow, reflect, change, and offer us a chance to live a life of purpose.

We wouldn’t appreciate the good things, if we didn’t experience some hard times. It sounds so cliche but it is just so true. Struggle is a chance for us to look inward and re-evaluate what we think, feel, and how we behave. What would I have done differently? How can I prevent this in the future, or can I? What is this experience teaching me?  How can I grow? What was my part in this? How will I reflect on this moment in 5 or 10 years?

So, I chose to honor my experience as that…an experience that I have been granted that will help me grow and help me be more resourceful, more mindful, more empathetic, maybe even more grounded in my professional and personal lives.

To all those who don’t take the easy way out.


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