Vision Board



Last week a friend and I decided to create vision boards for 2017. We had heard that people love them, they involve being creative, and it gave us something fun to do while we drank wine. So, we gathered our magazines and sat to cutting out words and pictures that spoke to us.

In the past, I tried making a vision board both on paper and on pinterest but it just did not work for me. I could not get focused. It wasn’t enough to just pick out pictures I liked…that didn’t lead to a vision.  What was different this time? I was mentally prepared.

First, I have a wellness vision. I am a health coach after all. A wellness vision is statement of who I want to be, my best self. It helps guide my goals and I refer to it when I am making decisions. It helps me ask myself “Is this inline with what is really important to me?” For example, one of my statements is “I am confident, fearless, and a role model”.  Big picture statement about my long range goals and aspirations.

Second, I created a set of personal intentions for 2017 a couple weeks ago. Intentions are the aim, or the plan, that helps you reach your big picture goal(s). They are what you ‘intend’ to do. For example, one of my intentions is “I intend to start my health coaching business”. This is something I am working on and it is important to me and my future.  It requires me to be fearless and confident. So when I do it, I will also gain more confidence and help reduce anxieties about taking big risks. Now I have some direction, which feels good to me.

I then took my intentions and started looking for words and pictures that represented, either directly or in spirit, what I wanted in 2017. I pasted them on my sign board and wa-la! I had a vision board.

I love my vision board and I look at it every day (I am forced to because it’s in my kitchen).  When I set weekly goals for myself, I can look at my vision board to make sure I am really doing what’s important to ME. It also helps me stick to my goals because it serves as a visual reminder of what I really want in life and not just at this moment.

Have I said how much I love my vision board? I love looking at it. I find such peace and excitement when I look at it. I feel guided by the different aspects of myself that are on that page. I am reminded to honor the different aspects of myself and not lose sight of the ones that are still emerging.

Because I have found such strength and enjoyment in my vision board, I have decided to create a vision board class. I hope to help others get started who have trouble like I did. I also think it’s a great opportunity for people to share their ideas and support each other. Documenting and sharing our goals and visions is a great way to make them more real and attainable.  Also, it creates a sense of accountability because we have made it public, if only on our kitchen wall.

Remember goals are just dreams with deadlines (adapted from Diana Scharf Hunt) and Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Dream BIG!

Just take baby steps to get there and make sure you enjoy the journey!