Getting to Meditation



For months, I have been wanting to incorporate some form of a daily meditation ritual into my schedule.  My intention and desire was to meditate for about 10-15 minutes (to start) in the morning before I got on with my day. I wanted to begin my day in a grounded and heartfelt space so I could take on anything that came my way with compassion, calm, and positive intention. However, I could never seem to find the right time that fit into my morning routine. Once my day got started, I found it even harder to incorporate a set time to meditate. There were already certain things that took place at specific times and meditation had to fit in there somehow. Plus, every day is so different and there other things competing for my attention (like dogs, appointments, studying, kids, husband, showering, shopping, meals, etc)

But I finally did it. How? It was through a series of events…

First, I was always mindful that I wanted to sit and meditate and would see that there was a potential time but after the fact. I always included it on my weekly health goals but never really made it a true priority. I always found some excuse not to do it.

Then I went to a Natural Health Expo with some friends and we attended a seminar that included a guided meditation. From this I realized that maybe I needed to start with a guided meditation but the women who led this one offered free guided meditations on her website but they were just too long for me. So, I put the thought aside.

Then November happened. Lots of emotional and physical pain and loss. I realized I had to make changes in order to return to my true self. My husband encouraged me to get off social media as it had become a cesspool and was affecting my ability to focus on the good in life.

Up unti then, my morning routine had been to stop my alarm on my iPad then switch over to Facebook for a little mental wake up. When I decided to cut back on social media, I decided to replace my morning Facebook surf with a short guided meditation. I remembered how calm and centered I felt after the one in the seminar.

I wanted a meditation that was specific for the morning to help me wake up in a positive mood, ready to take on the day. I found one that fit my needs…10 minutes and was designed to slowly “awaken your brain and allow you to tap into your full potential”. So at night, when I set my alarm, I plug in my headphones and make sure the meditation is ready to go.

When I wake, I immediately put on my headphones and hit play. I lay there relaxed and through the positive affirmations and stimulating music, I rise happy, confident, and grounded. I am already feeling so much happier. (click here to try this morning meditation)

Now I am looking at apps and other meditations to which I might graduate once I am ready to move on to something new or longer. There are lots out there…different lengths, options, voices, and messages. You can do one that is religious/christian or more traditional Hindu or some that are just generically positive. Some are specific for the morning, some for falling asleep, some for weight loss, some for depression, etc. There are lots of options.

What did I really do to incorporate meditation?

  1. I made it a priority…I had to make a change
  2. I was realistic about my needs and my time
  3. I researched to find something that worked for me
  4. I substituted it for something that was not working for me (replace the bad with good behaviors)
  5. I organized/planned out my time the night before
  6. I made it easy to incorporate
  7. I committed to giving it a try.
  8. I remind myself how good it makes me feel.

Anyone can incorporate changes with the right amount of motivation, support, and organization. It’s always hard to change our habits and sometimes it takes hitting a low point to make a change. So use your low point as a motivator and not a de-motivator. That difference is a choice. It might be hard to shift your thinking but it can really help.

Cut yourself some slack. (self-compassion)

Always move forward. (don’t dwell on the past)

Give it a try. (we learn from mistakes too)









Petit World Citizen

I want to share with you a blog that some of you might enjoy. Petit World Citizen is a lifestyle blog focusing on living and eating mindfully. Petit World Citizen is the outward expression of, my friend and health coach learning partner, Martine’s passions for travel, cooking and global health.

Yesterday, I read one of her articles and was so enthralled in her adventure that I forgot it was an article about a cake.  See, I only read blogs when a topic catches my eye and I never read food blogs…I just go to the recipe. This article made me change my mind and realized I was truly missing something. Why?


Photo of Sweet Potato Cake with Marscapone Frosting by Martine Polycarpe 

Martine’s article titled  “Three Little Birds” is funny, uplifting, and relatable. First of all, she begins by quoting Edward Murphy of the too well known Murphy’s Law. You know your are in for a ride when something is prefaced by reminding you about Murphy’s Law. Her cake baking story involves a contest, a fire alarm, a crying toddler, a Bob Marley song, a slow driver, and ends with a first place recipe.  It reads like an adventure with lessons on how to handle stress, adjusting your perspective, and rising above the madness.

I thought I adored Martine before reading this article, but now I really appreciate her spunk, competiveness, her determination, her positive attitude, and witty perspective.

Do yourself a favor and read this article. While you are there you can peruse her collection of beautiful food photography and great recipes.  I know I will be making the Sweet Potato Cake with Mascarpone Frosting in honor of her strength and courage…and because I like sweet potatoes.

Enjoy life.

Take chances.

Eat more cake!