Crystal Healing

I had my first experience with Crystal Healing. Many of you might ask…”What the hell is crystal healing”. Well, my friend, crystal healing is the use of crystals and stones to balance the body’s chakra centers. A chakra is thought to be an energy point in the subtle body through which energy flows.  Blocked energy in any of our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to open and heal these energy centers for a balanced and healthy life. For more information on the chakra’s, you can follow this link to 7 Chakras for Beginners.

My friend, Carol, recently became a certified Crystal Healer. As long as I have known her, she has been interested in and drawn to crystals and their healing properties.  She has always described her ability to feel the vibrations of the stones. So over the past few years she learned how to use them to heal others. It’s quite fascinating, really. So I decided to try it out.

I walked into Carol’s crystal healing room and its full of light, beautiful crystals, gorgeous statues and art work, and there is a sense of calm and peacefulness. She explained to me how the process would work and asked questions to facilitate her practice. I laid on the big comfy bed and relaxed while she led me through a series of breathing exercises and guided meditation. My eyes were blanketed with a soothing eye pillow so I couldn’t see what Carol did, but I could feel her place crystals, replace crystals, and move around the room.

I felt completely relaxed and just paid attention to the thoughts passing through my mind and the sensations of relaxation.  At the end, I could feel my body energy reverberating and I felt empowered, strong, and free from any negativity.  The work took about an hour, I think, and ended with a spritz of a beautiful palo santo spray.

Its been over an hour since I left and I still feel my skin is a bit alive, for lack of a better description. I am definitely feeling less stressed and more confident in myself. It was like taking the most refreshing nap ever.

I am sure everyone has a different experience since each healing is customized to meet the needs of the person receiving care. But I really enjoyed the time and space to relax and let Carol do her magic.

Alternative and natural healing modalities are great because they give us more options to greater well-being and can replace or complement other healing or medicinal practices. Each of us is so different and I believe it is good to try new and different things to see what works for us.


Carol is a certified crystal healing therapist practitioner, or CCTP for short. She received her training from Elemental Healing Arts and Training, (  If you want more information about crystal healing, crystal jewelry, and other crystal related insights, you can contact Carol at or via facebook at or you can search Facebook with “3 Sisters Crystal Healing“.

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