Mother Yourself



Today my friend and I met at a local pool to take a water exercise class. Yes, we were the youngest women there but we are both rehabbing injuries that heal really well in the water. You should try it for joint pain.

Anyway, after class we went into the sauna to relax and catch up. We were talking about perimenopause, how we are feeling, and ways to support this transition.

Lately, I have been feeling tense, unfocused, foggy, irritable, and just out of sorts. My neck, shoulders, and upper back are now tense and my head feels like a vice. I am seriously having trouble concentrating and that does not bode well for my health coaching. I have been trying to work on all the things that are, or could be, contributing to this ickiness. I am walking in the woods every day, meditating, practicing my breathing exercises, thinking thoughts of gratitude and kindness, and trying to be more mindful. Plus relaxing with a  nice cold ice pack can do wonders for my neck and forehead tension.

My friend shared information about supplements and what was working for her. One thingblog-1717-edit that is helping her is a book by Christiane Northrup, MD called Goddesses Never Age (follow this link to Amazon). This book provides spectacular insights into leading a vibrant life, especially through and after menopause. Dr Northrup has many books on women’s health and menopause but this was the first book my friend has read. From her recommendation, I bought this book and have just started skimming the contents.

As we talked in the sauna, an older woman joined us. Obviously, she was listening (it’s hard not to) and she piped in with some sage advice.  “Listen to your bodies, girls“. “If you are feeling foggy and out of sort, that is your body’s way of telling you to take a break and relax.” She would continue with…” When I was going through that, I would listen to some music, maybe take a nap or read a book. Do something kind for yourself. You have spent so much time mothering your children, now it is time to mother yourself.”

At such wonderfully kind and supportive words, I got teary. It felt nice to be mothered and to be given permission to take care of myself without feeling selfish.

After that, I went home, made a nice healthy lunch, and read some of my Goddesses Never Age book. To top off my afternoon, I laid down for 20 minutes with a cold face cloth covering my face, listened to music, and drifted into relaxation mode.

Feeling immensely better.

Grateful that the universe placed this beautiful mothering angel in my path this morning, to whom we lovingly refer to now as Nana.

Thank you, Nana.



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