What do you do… to reset your diet?



We have all been there.  For some reason, our healthy diet has gone off the rails. It could be a vacation of gluttony fun, an emotional time in our personal lives, or just putting healthy eating on the back burner. For whatever reason, sometimes we need to hit the reset button on our eating habits.

This healthy relationship with eating can be hard to reach. We are surrounded by great restaurants, delicious drinks, fast food, pre-prepared foods, etc. And everything tastes so good, especially those things that are not good for us.  So how do we give up fast food for healthy food and cut down on cravings and binges?

When I was younger I would reset by following the American Health Association’s 3-Day Diet. It allowed me to follow a plan for a short period of time. In that time, my relationship with food would change. I would not crave that candy or bread. I would start eating to supply my body with energy and to feel good. I would eat what I needed and not what I wanted. The wants would change into foods that were good for me.

I have found success joining Weight Watchers, using the Fitness Tracker or FitBit app on my phone, and I have gone to a nutritionist.

My question to my readers…

What have you done that allows you to successfully reset your diet and bring you back to healthier eating habits?

Thank you for sharing what works for you.



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