OCCO Handmade


I was going to write about the ending of my last year and my new beginning but I am going to table that for later. Why? I just found out that my favorite essential oil spray is back in production.  So why does this trump my personal journey of learning and growth? Because it is a similar story and I want to honor a sister’s return.

This post is about a woman whose journey took her away from her passion, only to bring her back when the time was right. Instead of telling you her story, which is not mine to tell….I am going to talk about her passion…aromatherapy and essential oils.

If you have never heard of OCCO Handmade, you need to do yourself a favor and go on Etsy and check it out. https://www.etsy.com/shop/OCCOHANDMADE

These scents are heavenly, natural, and perfectly balanced.

I love SMUDGE.

SMUDGE is OCCO’s sage spray which can be used as a clearing spray for Sacred Space, You, Home, Car, Yoga, Shoes, etc.  I found that if I use it as a linen spray at night before bed, I sleep so much better.  It is also a great way to begin a yoga or meditative practice. My yoga teacher uses it before we start class to clear out distractions and negativity. It is a smell that is just so lovely and calming. You can just close your eyes and feel the good wash over you.

Recently, SMUDGE was not available and I purchased another sage spray. It was fine but SMUDGE is by far my favorite.

OCCO Handmade is owned and operated by a beautiful women named Nikki who has a generous spirit and a gift for creating beautiful aromatherapy products. She uses only 100% pure therapeutic grade and fresh essential oils in her products and the quality shows.

Nikki also makes custom scents. I can attest to her gift of combining oils to create a scent that creates memories. I went to Malta with the Durga Studio in 2014. Each person on the trip received a custom scent that Nikki created based on Jen’s (our fearless leader) description of Malta and the flowers and plants that are native there. Nikki created a bottle that can only be described as memories of Malta.

Do yourself a favor and try one of OCCO Handmade’s beautiful scents and feel the love.

photo by Kim Manning

photo by Kim Manning




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