Light at the end of the tunnel

It has been awhile since I have written. My mind has been in a whirlwind and I have not had much clarity of thought. My hormones are raging and my poor diet and lack of exercise are not helping them. My emotions are up and down and I feel disconnected from my old life and my friends.

But the fog is lifting. As the sun’s warmth and light is returning, I am finding more time to get outside and be with nature. I am meditating again and my mind is starting to free itself. Hope is returning and things seem to be falling into place.

I am still not sure where I am headed once I graduate but I have some ideas of what I want and what it will look like. I am looking forward to spending time with my family, writing from my heart, and planning engaging classes that will help students and adults make, better choices, find balance and improve health.

I have learned SO much during the past year. I learned that I don’t give up and I can overcome anything. I can fall into the depths of despair one day and rise to shine the next day.  I can let go of that which does not serve me well and hold on to that which is dear to me.

I feel I have so much more to offer because of this year. I have lived the life a full-time working mother and a single mother trying to balance work-life-school and not really doing a very good job of it. I have lost myself and developed bad habits but I am turning that around… day-by-day.

untitled shoot-2306-Edit

As women, we lose ourselves all too easily. Without taking care of our own mental and physical health, we cannot be as effective in our roles as mothers, wives, sisters, teachers, etc. It’s a vicious battle that we will lose if we don’t pay attention, establish priorities, set boundaries and limitations, and take care of ourselves. We cannot do it all.

So I am honoring my journey. It has led me to places I never dreamed and some places I will never go again. But it was a journey, one that never ends.

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