Pay Attention to Dreams

I have always been interested in dreams and the meaning of dreams. Many times the meanings I find in books don’t really pertain to me, but I am a big advocate of writing them down anyway. Whether it be details of what happened in my dream or the overall feeling or thoughts I got from the dream, writing something down allows me to reflect on it or find patterns.

Truly, I find that I probably write about 70% of my dreams that I have some memory of. The other 30% of the time I am just too tired, I convince myself I will remember (which I rarely do), or I can’t recall enough to write anything down.  Plus it’s just not easy to roll over and write it down. But it can really be worth it.

Case in point. I kept having these dreams about my dad. The sense from my dreams was that there was something he was not telling me (or us, his children). I felt like it was something to do with nutrition, possibly something to do with his health. After the 3rd or 4th dream, I called my dad. He is a skeptic about such things as gaining insight from dreams but this was more important than worrying about what anyone thought about HOW or WHY I was asking the questions.

I told him that I was having dreams about his health and I wanted to know what was going on. What was he not telling me? He said nothing was wrong. He just had a physical and he was fine…nothing new. So I told him about my dreams and he remembered that at his last colonoscopy he has had some polyps removed from his colon, which was fairly common. As we talked he told me his doctor said that all his children should be getting colonoscopies starting at age 40 because of the type, amount and/or size of polyps he had.

Now, I knew my grandmother had digestive and colon problems and I certainly have my fair share of issues but I didn’t know I should be getting colonoscopies yet. So I emailed my siblings and gave them the heads up about getting colonoscopies starting at 40 and what do you know….my younger brother had already had polyps removed.  What?

I was like the last to know. With my history of digestive issues, this was actually quite important to me.  I called my doctor and explained my situation and informed her of my newly found family history. She told me to set up a colonoscopy at my earliest convenience. So I did.

Since then I have had my colonoscopy and they found no polyps. YIPPEE! I truly believe this is because of my diet. Disease stems from inflammation. Foods (and stress) can and DO cause inflammation. I avoid those foods that cause inflammation in my body, especially in my digestive system.  I can’t and don’t always avoid these foods that I am sensitive to but I certainly try most of the time. I work really hard to control and minimize my reaction to unhealthy stress and anxiety. It doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed but I work hard to keep a healthy perspective and to work through it, not avoid it.

For more information on food sensitivities, please read my previous blog on determing foods that cause inflammation in YOUR body. Nutrition: The link between food and inflammation

So you can imagine that I am really glad that I listened to my gut, followed up on my kim-9078-Editdreams and called my dad. Some may say this is just a coincidence or a fluke.  I say it is more than that. It worth a try and you just might find that sometimes you gain valuable information or insight.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Write them down in a bedside journal.

What can it possible hurt?





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