Lesson from Crow


Recently, Mr Crow was sitting in the middle of the road as I went to work. Another crow was flying overhead across the road. This is not a usually scene and certainly caught my attention.

So I looked up the meaning of the Crow to find out what message I was receiving…

From the website Spirit Animal, I found these most common meanings of CROW…

  • Life magic; mystery of creation
  • Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
  • Intelligence
  • Higher perspective
  • Being fearless, audacious
  • Flexibility, adaptability

When I read this I smiled because I have definitely been going through a transformation these past couple years…spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally.  Not to mention, that at that time, I was coming out and healing from a time of intense negative emotions and insecurity.

Right about now I feel like I am coming in to the home stretch of my vocational transformation. A year ago, I graduated from my Masters Program and became a Certified Health Education Specialist.  Then almost immediately went into my teacher training program, which is more than half over. I can see the finish line. I can see how far I have come.

What is so great about Crow is that he was reminding me to take stock of my progress. I think that it is really important to stop and realize how far we have come on our personal journeys. It is important to celebrate our progress instead of focusing on our struggles or only being reminded of our failures.

Now I look back and realize that 4 months ago I stood in front of a class with no clue about my stance or what I was doing. Today, I definitely know more. I have more to learn but I successfully taught teenagers about genetics, evolution, and how this applies to their lives. I have helped students who were struggling to find academic success. I have brought a smile to the faces of teen angst. I have used my mindfulness training and the lessons of my personal life to help children battling anxiety. I have learned so much from my students about perseverance, diversity, and the importance of finding a balance between work and play.

I have also gained more clarity about what I want to do and what I will not do when I graduate. I have learned about creating energetic boundaries in the work place; something that I forgot about.

What I don’t know is what opportunities I will have for my next step. That will come when the time is right. However, I am setting the intentions for what I want and what I don’t want. I write these thoughts in my journal, so that when the time comes I can refer back to these expectations and stay true to myself.  In the spring, I hope to have at least one viable option that works with my current career goals while providing the work-life balance that I expect.

untitled shoot-1884-Edit

For now…

I celebrate my little successes

I learn from my mistakes

I honor my journey

The rest in due time



One thought on “Lesson from Crow

  1. Kathy Gardner says:

    I love how you share your journey, Kim. You are so articulate, open and honest. I total relate to your journey and your angst as well as the joy of success. We define success in our own ways. We are open to messages and lessons from the Universe, and thereby open the door when opportunity knocks. We say “why not” instead of “why”. We get up when we fall down, dust ourselves off and keep walking forward. We smile. We share. We love. We are children of the Universe and bearers of the Light. We totally rock! Keep up the great work and your sharing. I learn a lot from you. Thank you. Love, Your Cousin


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