Still using big company skin care products and makeup? Well, I got some proof that you need to read those ingredients.


I had to order methyl-paraben to prevent mold from growing in my experiments at school. When I read the label, this is what I found…

In a nutshell….Methyl-paraben is

  1. Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.
  2. Avoid release into the environment
  3. Wear protective gear
  4. Avoid breathing dust
  5. Dispose of contents/container to a licensed chemical disposal agency

AND YET….it’s the preservative used in most skin care products.  WTF!!!!!!!

From the Hallstar Website, about the application of methylparaben.

It is used in:

After Sun Skin Care
Bath Additives
Beach Wear Sun Care
Daily Wear Sun Care
Eye Area Color Cosmetics
Facial Cleansers
Facial Color Cosmetics
Facial Skin Care
Foot Care
Hair Colorants
Hair Conditioners
Hand & Body Care
Lip Care
Nail Care
Oral care preparations
Shaving Products
Styling Aids

So, it kills fish, should not be released into the environment, and should have protective gear used when handling it…but it is safe for “OUR” skin care products. REALLY??????

Well, NOT mine!

Read the ingredients in your products and know what you are using. If you still choose to use these products, at least you do so willingly and with full knowledge. Do not blindly believe that just because it is on USA store shelves that it is a safe product.

Luckily, if you choose to reject these chemicals in your products, there are tons of great products out there that do not contain these potential poisons.

You have a choice.


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