Long Hair Tip

_MG_6388-EditSo today I have a hair care tip to share. You know how they say you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday? Well, I am one of those people who can only skip one day before my roots get greasy and my scalp breaks out. However, the ends of my hair get dried out.

If this is also you…keep reading.

I saw a something that said just wash your scalp and condition your ends occaisonally. Do you know how hard that is if you don’t have mile long hair? Mine is pretty long and its hard.

Here is what my awesome hairdresser, Erica, suggested….put conditioner on your ends before you attempt to wash your scalp and roots. It will help to prevent the shampoo from stripping your roots. You know what…it works!

Also, my Ayurveda friends recommend putting natural oils, like Argon, Vata, Pitta, Sesame or Olive Oil, or whatever fits your constitution. You can massage into the ends of your hair before bedtime. Then in the morning, wash as normal or I sometimes try to wash my scalp and only mildly wash the ends so the oil is not completely washed out – just the excess. This also works great!

Try these suggestions. Play with them a little. As we get older our hair naturally gets drier and all the products women use can strip our hair of natural oils.

One more thing….drink lots of water!



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