SOOOO tired!

JordanRecliningYesterday I felt really tired and irritable! I was a Negative Nelly and couldn’t get out of my own way. I really don’t like feeling like this or behaving this way.  So last night I took stock of my week to figure out how I got here so I could make some changes to my routine.

First, I had not slept well for a couple days. I NEED my sleep. I am an emotional and physical wreck without 7-8 hours of good sleep. Because I naturally toss and turn, that could mean 9 hours in bed, depending on the circumstances. This week I was up late one night but still got up at my regular 6am and two other nights were fairly restless because I let my dogs sleep with me while my husband was away. One dog had stomach problems and one was restless…up, down, up, down.

Second, I realized last night that I had not enough water throughout the day. I was probably dehydrated or getting there. I had spent way too much time driving my kids around and didn’t pay attention to my own physical needs.

Third, I did go to the gym for the second time in 4 years but that shouldn’t have made me tired. That might have been the only reason I didn’t crash sooner. But it could have contributed.

Forth, I was stressed. I have a lot on my plate right now (and coming up) and I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Most of us have a lot on our plates and the difference is how we handle it. Because I was already tired for other reasons, I started to focus too much on the big picture and all my fears and frustrations. I really needed to take step back and focus on one thing at a time. I was multi-tasking too much and doing nothing well.  I am practicing my mindfulness and trying to finish one thing before I move onto the next. Already messed up one appointment doing this, but stress and schedules never go away. It’s about how we react to it.

Fifth, it could have been allergies. Although the pollen counts are low for my area, it doesn’t mean something else isn’t blooming. We did just put the air conditioners in so that’s a new source of possible allergens.

Finally, I blame hormones because why not! I am a peri-menopausal woman and when all else fails…blame my hormones.

This was my self inventory… your’s could be similar or completely different.

So, I decided to look up what doctors say are some causes of being tired or exhausted and here is what I found.

The Mayo Clinic lists on their website Lifestyle, Psychological, and Medical conditions that are causes of fatigue. I am not going to list medical conditions because the list is long. You can click HERE to learn more.

Lifestyle factors

Alcohol use or abuse
Caffeine use
Excessive physical activity
Lack of sleep
Medications, such as antihistamines, cough medicines and cold remedies
Unhealthy eating habits


Psychological conditions                                 


As you can see, I had many of these things going on.  But this list made me realize my diet was also contributing.  Although I was eating fairly well, I was not as good as I should have been. This does not mean I shouldn’t enjoy what I eat, but I was eating some things I should not have been eating.  Because I was hungry, tired, and stressed, I was reaching without thinking. Also, there were times this week when I didn’t eat enough calories…that’s just as bad.

Today, I start anew with awareness and some self-love.

Last night I had good night’s sleep, early to bed, meditation, dogs in crates and husband home. Today, I have already had more water this morning than all day yesterday…so far, so good. Will be headed for my walk soon and plan to do a little stretching for my sore muscles. Also, I took care of some things this morning that have been lingering on my mind so I can now check them off the mental list and move forward.  I am avoiding those cravings that are emotion-related and/or cause me negative symptoms. Finally, I let myself know that I am human.

Every day is a new day and chance to start over. 


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