Mindful Movement

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This week in my Mindfulness Course, we are supposed to practice our mindfulness while moving aka Mindful Movement. Some options we had for practicing mindful movement were:

  • Walking outside (especially barefoot in the grass)
  • Washing the dishes
  • Opening a door
  • Getting in and out of your chair
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Pushing a shopping cart

Yesterday, I went for my usual walk with my dogs at a local conservation land. However, this time I decided to practice my mindful movement and so I paid more attention to my body and my surroundings. At first, I focused on my feet hitting the ground and how each part of my body felt as I was walking; my arms swinging, the position of my shoulders, the timing of my breath, the contraction and relaxation of my muscles.

Then I moved outward and began by focusing on what I was hearing. I listened to the birds singing, the leaves rustling, and the far off sounds of civilization. Instead of watching my dogs swim, I watched the birds and the dragonflies fly over the pond, dip into the water, and chase each other. It was a spectacular and mesmerizing dance. As I was walking, I felt the wind on my face and noticed that when I stopped so did the wind. This refreshing breeze was entirely from me walking. I all but forgot about the heat and humidity.

It was one of the most peaceful walks I have ever had.

I think my dogs were more at peace too.


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