A Time of Personal Frustration

Lately, it has been hard to keep my mind on my health and wellness life because I have been so busy with my New Teachers Collaborative and focusing on child education and teaching. I love this new learning but I also love the wellness part of my life. Health and wellness promotion is a true passion of mine so I have to find time to give it some attention, even if it’s just a little.

I was not finding any inspiration in my normal places so I went to my tarot cards. I love my Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor. I LOVE the artwork and messages. Obviously, because I chose them. It’s fun picking a card and thinking about the message and how I can learn from it.

Last night I chose a card with the intention to use it to share in this space. What message should I convey? We got the Cornucopia card in reverse.

Cornucopia in reverse

Cornucopia in reverse

Cornucopia in reverse (upside down) is a card of personal frustration. Those receiving this card could be feeling discouraged because they are not getting what they want, or feeling disappointed with the delays involved. The card is a reminder not to get too discouraged because obstacles seem to be blocking your way. Right now might be a good time to be patient and persistent, or it may be time for a radical shift in how you are approaching your goals.

This card may represent a cycle of restriction or a period of lack or loss. If this is the case, don’t allow these setbacks to deter you, dig deeper. There may be a lesson to learn or a new direction to take. In order to know, be open, be flexible, be aware. Go inside and take stock, be honest with yourself.

I love this card. (really, I love every card) Life is about ups and downs and we never know how long a peak or a valley is going to last. We don’t always know where our path is headed, we only have little pieces for which we can pick up right now. Having the patience and the belief that all will work out the way it is meant to, and at the right time, is half the battle.

For me: I was headed towards health education. I got my masters and my CHES certification but the only path that opened up was teaching. I never meant to be a teacher but I realized I wanted to help kids be healthier and plant seeds that could grow with them as they entered adulthood. Now I am getting experience teaching Biology in a project based environment. WTF! Biology? But I took the opportunity because I had to have faith that sometimes things are put in our path for a reason.  Now, I am realizing that the skills I am getting will help me with whatever path I travel AND biology is the basis of health.  Maybe I will find a way to incorporate health into a biology curriculum. I know the teaching experience will help me develop and improve my photography and health message.  But where the hell I am going at the end of this training program is a mystery.  I wish I knew but I also know I need to stay patient. Frustration? Absolutely, I want to teach and focus on health. That’s my passion! But I can admit that this parallel path may be a way for me to enhance my passion, not necessarily derail it. Or maybe I got what I needed from the health education and it’s time to apply that experience to something new.

Who knows? I won’t know until I get there. I am not ready to give up my health and wellness passion or this blog, so I have to find time to fit it into my life, even if it’s in smaller doses.

I wasn’t sure how the reverse-Cornucopia fit into my life. I thought it was for you. Maybe it was but it definitely held a message for me to address and share. I am going to make sure I enjoy this new path on my journey and not worry so much about the path I had to “abandon” or step away from for awhile.

It will all work out.

This I do know.

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