The Dash

Grammy (or Mimi)

Grammy (or Mimi)

On Monday morning, June 22, 2015, my husband’s 100 year old grandmother passed away.   She was a smart, lively woman who loved bling, chachkies, and jokes. She was the last surviving sibling of 11 children and even in her 90’s could still recite all their names, birth dates, wedding dates, and the dates of their passing. She was an incredible spirit.

Yesterday was her service; a celebration of life with family and friends.  I think Grammy liked her farewell because the town bells chimed at the exact moment the minister finished at the cemetery. During the more “formal” service, the minister read a poem by Linda Ellis titled “The Dash”. It was absolutely beautiful and a great reminder about how we live our lives. I want to share that poem with you. However, Ms Ellis has a copyright statement that says it may not be reproduced, reposted or redistributed but it CAN be recited.

So, I made a video, my first ever, of this recitation. I figure it is practice for the online photography course I hope to develop someday. (Thanks Gram for giving me a reason to take that first plunge) So, please keep in perspective that I have no experience with this and just want to share this lovely poem with you.

You can also read the poem on Linda’s website at


The Dash

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