Tom and Annie

When it comes to your health, you are ultimately in control. You choose the food you eat. You choose the exercise you do or don’t do. You choose whether to engage in healthy or unhealthy behaviors. You allow people into your life and disallow others. You can choose to heal old wounds or not. You can continue to suffer or try to fix it. You may not be able to choose what diseases you get or your genetic makeup, but you can choose how to treat them and how you will face each situation.  You may not always be able to change where you live, but maybe you can improve it. When you take ownership of your health, you can do anything!

One of the first things you can start doing to take control of your health is to READ LABELS. Get to know what you are buying and putting in and on your body. Do not trust the FDA, USDA, or Big Corporations to keep you safe. Money still talks. Case in point…Monsanto is still doing business with our government after years and years of harming and killing unsuspecting people with their toxic products. Products we were told we safe. You can also go to and see how truly healthy your favorite products are.


This morning I read that my Tom’s of Maine toothpaste is no longer the natural product I thought it was. Why read the label? I have been buying it for years. Turns out that Colgate, one of the Big Corps that Tom was rebelling against when they created their brand, bought Tom’s of Maine in 2006.  Who knew? Not me.

Colgate Buys Toms of Maine. This article on has information from a Boston Globe article (I couldn’t access the Globe because I am not a subscriber).

Why is this a potential problem? Well, big corps are in business to make money. They are generally NOT in the business to care about people. An article I found on Real Farmacy shares some of the harmful ingredients that are supposedly in Tom’s products now. I check my toothpaste and yes there is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Carrageenan but luckily no Zinc, Aluminum, nor Titanium Dioxide.  I think those ingredients are saved for antiperspirant/deoderants.  I am not sure if SLS and Carrageenan have always been in Tom’s. We only recently realized they were harmful. The original Tom’s would have changed the ingredients with new data, apparently not Colgate.

Another Scenario: Did you know Annie’s was purchased by General Mills in 2014. Read about it here, General Mills Buys Annies for $820m. So far I have not seen any change in their ingredients but I check before I buy now. I also have to admit that I since this merger, I really don’t buy Annie’s much any more.

I could go on but I won’t. I get so frustrated by these large corporate giants buying out some great products and then not staying true to their original purpose. If these companies want to maintain their share of the market, they need to change. Change their ingredients, change their structure, change their mission not ingest the little guys who are making a difference.

You have that right to make your own choices. If you read labels and still choose to use the products with harmful or questionable ingredients, you are making that choice. Just own it.

I buy mainstream products, like deoderant, that are considered bad but I haven’t found a better alternative. (I keep looking) However, I buy these products knowing what I am doing. I own that.

So, get to know what you are putting in and on your body…read the labels!



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