Just Mayo

Just Mayo by Hampton Creek

Just Mayo by Hampton Creek

A few years ago I stopped eating eggs because I found out they were the cause of some of my physical symptoms.  Giving up eggs was a very hard thing to do. They are a key ingredient in baked goods, the highlight of breakfast menus, and so much more. I love eggs but not how they make me feel.

Of course there are substitutes you can use, like flaxseed, tofu, banana, tapioca, etc, but they really are not as good as the original. AND some of us (like me) have even bigger sensitivities to most of those ingredients.

Just Mayo Nutritional Label

Just Mayo Nutritional Label

Now we have a GREAT mayonnaise substitute. Just Mayo is a vegan mayonnaise made with pea protein instead of eggs. It is a little more bland that a traditional mayo but definitely a great substitute.  It also comes in flavors like Sriracha.

Just Mayo is made by Hampton Creek. You may remember them as the company Hellmans (Unilever) tried to sue and lost big time! The media attention actually boosted the little guys (Just Mayo) publicity and credibility when they threw a fit over the use of the word mayonnaise. Happened around the time of the Market Basket event. Two great cases where the little guy wins!

For an article on Hellmans suing Hampton Creek and why. Click here.

For an article when Hellmans dropped the lawsuit. Click here.

You can find it in a store near you by going to the Hampton Creek website to Just Find It. Plug in your zip code and get a list of stores near you. However, stock may be different than expected. I can find Just Mayo at the Leominster Target but Whole Foods in Bedford NEVER has it and WF is listed as a retailer.

They also have Just Cookies but not near me. Now that is a product I am looking forward to trying. Eggless cookies!

Just cookie


Just cookie

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