Getting Inspired

The other day my friend, Charlene wrote a piece on her blog, Embracing Life Now, about finding inspiration.  Her article titled “I Get My Best Ideas In The Shower” is well-written and an interesting journey about how ideas and desires taking hold and letting go of those things that do not serve us.

Although I do not get ideas in the shower, Charlene’s story did make me think about where and how I do get inspiration to write for this blog. I have mentioned this before that I can browse magazines, Facebook, internet news sources for inspiration. I can also go outside and be in nature for inspiration or out in public places.  Really anywhere that prompts an opinion or a thought.  (and I have many thoughts about stuff-most of which I cannot share)


I think what really helps with inspiration for anything (art, writing, decorating, creating of any sort) is to be aware; cognizant of surroundings, feelings, thoughts, etc.  When you start paying attention to the world around you instead of just running on the treadmill of life, you can really find some beautiful and exciting things to think about, create, or just enjoy.

Some artists obtain inspiration from their dreams. What a great place to get ideas. Dreams are our safe place to process life experiences. Dreams also bring awareness to issues we are avoiding or that need some resolution. Some people believe dreams provide us with information from other realms or from deep in our own inner conscience. It doesn’t really matter the definition or the explanation of dreams, but if you can be inspired by a dream…why not?


So, if you are looking for inspiration…stop, look and listen. Take a deep breath and be aware, be more mindful, be more present. Let those negative thoughts pass and hold on to the positive, inspiring ones.

We all need a little creativity and expression of ourselves sometimes.  It can help with our relationships, work, home-life balance, etc.

I hope you all take some time this weekend to go find yours. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming. It may be to sit outside on the grass and just be. Take at least 5 minutes for yourself to get inspired!

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