From Here to There

I don’t know why this is stuck in my head but it is. It’s an email that my dad sent out to me and my siblings where he referred to me as Kimmie. No big deal, he and my brothers have always called me that. What stuck out was how he spelled it. He spelled it Kimmie, I spell it Kimmy. The same and yet different.  Does it matter? Not really but then why did it stick with me?

KimmieThis got me thinking about all the different ways people refer to me. My friends call me Kim, Kimba, and Skripps. My mother, my aunts, and my grandmother call me Kimberly. My Pop-Pop calls me K.C. My dad and brothers call me Kimmy(ie). My children call me Mom. Some call me Mrs. Manning.  I am not sure what my husband calls me but I am sure he has a few choice names that cannot be repeated here 🙂 Really, I think he calls me Skripps or Kim. I have never really paid attention to it. I will have to be more aware of that later.

Then, this line of thinking led to thoughts about all the different roles we play. We are different things to different people. Our roles change. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend, confidente, teacher, caretaker (lol), pet owner, vendor, customer, etc. I am all these things and I am just me. Me without any of those labels.

Each of these roles is a piece of me. Sometimes we change but we are still the same individual. No one role defines who we are. We are the culmination of all these things plus those parts that no one knows about, those private inner parts of ourselves.

I like to think of each of us as individuals with all these little pieces of ourselves that we share with others. Some people know one only piece, others may know multiple pieces. Deep inside is an inner soul that is our essence, our heart; an undefinable part of us that makes each of us a true individual.

Yes, there is more…This gets me thinking of people who feel stuck in a particular role or allow others to define who they are. Don’t let that happen. You are not what one person thinks you are, even if that person is a parent or someone who has known you all your life. That is still only one little piece. We are all so much more than what any one person thinks we are. We are always changing and always growing.  Or we should be. By exploring different aspects of ourselves throughout our life, we get to have new experiences, try on different roles, enjoy different phases of our life and emotional development. How cool is that?

As I wind down my thoughts, I am aware that I have just shared a piece of myself that not everyone knows about. That part of my brain that can travel from A-Z in lightning speed. Where each thought leads to a new thought like branches on a tree. How in the world do I read the word “Kimmie” and wind up discussing the importance of honoring the journey of life? Well, I just did.

Just know you are one of the lucky ones. At least this time I shared my steps or thought process. At home, I don’t because it happens too fast and then get frustrated because no one knows what I am talking about. Somehow I expect people to understand my train of thought without having traveled that weird and windy road. Just ask my husband.





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