My New Veggie Spiralizer

Paderno Spiralizer

Paderno Spiralizer

For Mother’s Day my husband got me a Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer. I know it sounds cliche to get the wife a kitchen tool but I wanted one and had almost bought it myself. Funny thing is he didn’t even know I wanted one. We just happened to read the same magazine article about it and both thought it would be a great tool.  It is!

The Paderno spiralizer comes with 3 blades and is easy to clean and use.  I think we paid about $30 on Amazon and right now they are selling on Amazon for $26.47. I thought they would have cost more. The long term durability and actual usage are to be determined.

mushroom-like beet core

mushroom-like beet core

The first dish I prepared using my spiralizer was a raw beet and apple salad with a citrus dressing. I used my “spaghetti” blade to spiralize the raw beets, apple and zucchini. It was fun, easy, and pretty cool. When I spiraled my beets, I got this little mushroom looking core as a result. The veggie “noodles” are quite pretty and sturdy.

The same day I used my new spiralizer, Jeff’s cousin, Lynn, and my friend, Charlene, posted pictures of zucchini dishes they made using their spiralizers. One made a “pasta” type dish with mushrooms and tomatoes and the other made a zucchini “pasta” dish with a mango, avocado, and rosemary sauce. Now doesn’t that sound great?

If you ever wanted to try one of these tools, I recommend it. A great alternative to pasta and it’s really easy. Even the hard beets were easy to slice.

If you have any recipes, please share!

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