My New Perspective on Dandelions

Last year I decided that we were not going to use anymore weed killer or pesticides. Vinegar and other natural, non-toxic formulations would be okay.  My neighbors and my husband are not too fond of this decree as our yard slowly becomes a field of yellow dandelions. But I kinda like it. We have a large yard and seeing it spotted with yellow is pretty and makes me feel good about how I am positively contributing to the health of our environment.

my dandelion garden

my dandelion garden

If you think about it, why are we so determined to kill dandelions? Dandelions are flowers, they are a source of nutrients for bees, and they are edible. Why kill off a food source for multiple species?

The problem is perspective. It all depends on how you look at it. If you see them as terrible weeds ruining your perfectly manicured green lawn then yes, you might not like them. But if you see them as flowers, food, and a positive part of the cycle of life, they can be beautiful.

Why is a clean green lawn considered desirable? The fact that is that a lawn devoid of trees increases run-off and erosion.  Not to mention the environmental effects of watering and applying chemicals to the lawn to keep it pretty. Luckily, there are environmentally friendly ways to do this.

I say instead of letting dandelions ruin your day, let them brighten your day. Think of them for the positive things they do for you and your environment.

Everything is a matter of perspective!

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