RBF…yeah, it’s a thing

RBF? What is it?

It’s Resting Bitch Face and it’s real. I know because I have it, as do countless others. Want to know if you have it? Have someone take a picture of you when you are unaware of it, maybe while you are reading, cooking, or whatever. What do you look like?

I learned of this from my little sister. When she was visiting, she told me about a friend of hers (who is quite beautiful) who suffers from it too. Many people think she’s angry but she’s not. It’s just her face. I knew I had this condition but didn’t know it had a name until last week. I just always hoped that my family wouldn’t snap a picture of me in those moments. But alas, those are their favorite moments to capture…the ugly, embarrassing ones. When I am thinking or in my own world, I look angry and ugly. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the furrowed brow I get when I am thinking. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I need more yoga. Maybe I can be more mindful and try to soften my face, my thoughts, myself.

Just playing a game on my phone...RBF

Just playing a game on my phone…RBF

Whatever the reason, it is nice to give it a name. There is empowerment and humor in that.  So, now I can say…”that’s just my Resting Bitch Face”. I can own that bad boy!



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