Do What You Love

The other day, while I was walking my dogs, I ran into a women who takes care of my dogs when I am away. Knowing my daughter plays ice hockey, she told me how she always wanted to play ice hockey but when she was young girls couldn’t play. The only hockey she got to play was knee-hockey with her dad in the basement or living room.

We talked about the lack of opportunities when she was young, especially in sports. This is a women who loves a game that she was not allowed to play, except the knee hockey she played with her dad. It makes me appreciate the opportunities my daughter has today.

RI Tournament Winners 2011

RI Tournament Winners 2011

Our girls have really come a long way. They have more opportunities for sports, careers, academics, etc. What is most important about this is that they have more opportunities to find something they love and that they are good at. This is important, not just for girls, but for everyone. We should all be able to do what we love, whether as a job or a hobby.

Ethan as the Vicar in Curst Be He That Moves My Bones

Ethan as the Vicar in Curst Be He That Moves My Bones


My son, although athletic, does not really enjoy sports, especially team sports. He tolerates lacrosse but everything else becomes a passing phase… until he found drama. He loves being on stage. He has no anxiety or fear of being in front of people talking, singing, or acting. I am in awe of this talent because it is the last thing I would ever want to do.

What I love is that both of them have found something that is important to them. The chances of either child’s passion turning into a career are slim to none, but they are learning valuable skills by participating. They are trying new things and having fun.

As parents, we sometimes put ourselves on the back burner for the sake of our children. Is this really necessary? Sometimes, maybe. But I think it’s equally important to show them that we too can have fun…the work-life balance. Remember, they ultimately look to us a role-model for adulthood.

Just as you encourage your kids to participate in activities/hobbies and find what they enjoy doing, so should you.  If you only ever work, they will think that is the way life is. Show them that you can have both; should have both. It’s good for us to find this balance before they grow up and move out of the house.

If you do not have kids, you also need to find your joy, your passion, that thing that makes you happy! It can be a class, a craft, a sport, whatever. Make sure you have a little fun with this life too.


One thought on “Do What You Love

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for this post Kim. I needed reminding of this today – that we as parents also need to nurture our souls. I’ve been a bit lost in the world of mumma/wife lately. BFTH is one chance i have to nurture myself.


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