Grounding Yourself…and not as a form of punishment

When life gets crazy or I get overly excited or nervous or I have been really busy, I can feel like I’m in hyper-mode. You know that place…fast talking, mind-spinning, flitting around and not necessarily being productive. My brain goes into overdrive and can become inefficient and impulsive.  I have found that at these times I need to ground myself so I can think clearly and speak more thoughtfully. Grounding allows me to become more efficient, more creative, and less annoying, at least to myself (if not others too).

How do I make this change?

1. Awareness: The first thing you have to do is recognize that you are in this elevated state. It’s not a bad thing, I can actually get a lot done when I am like this. However, it can’t be maintained over a long period of time. Our brains and bodies need to rest and rejuvenate to be at their best.

IMG_15382. Ground: Once you are aware that you are flying like a kite,  it’s time to come back down to earth. It is time to ground yourself. Literally and figuratively ground yourself. The best way to do this is to feel your feet on the ground. It’s even better if you can take off your shoes.  If you are at a desk, feel the floor, focus your attention to your feet and the floor uniting. Feel the support of the earth. Some people find it helpful to imagine roots growing into the ground. If you can, go outside, take your shoes off, and really feel the ground. Then breathe in and a long slow breath out. Do this for at least 3 rounds or until you feel calmer.

Last year, I was ill on a trans-atlantic flight and got home feeling very dizzy. I was advised to go stand in my yard barefoot and just breathe, feeling the earth ground me. (You can also lay down and feel the earth supporting your whole body.) It really helped. That grounding activity combined with some grounding yoga breaths and I was all better…no meds, no mess. Almost instantly.

Take time to ground yourself.  It can help when you are nervous, upset, anxious or stressed about something, or even when you are really excited or super busy. Any time you like you are flying and need to bring it down a notch, just ground yourself and regroup.


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