Tools to Help You Reset

Today is Day 4 of my health reset process and I am already feeling significantly better. Since Monday, every day has been an improvement. Yesterday I was really good and felt myself turn the corner.  This plan to reset my diet and my habits is not something I just do. I have tools I use that help me keep track of what I am eating, how much exercise I am getting, and how I am feeling. It is important to hold yourself accountable and be mindful of what you are putting in your mouth and how much you are moving your body.

I find it is very helpful to keep a food journal. If you bite it, you write it. It really helps to be able to go back and see where improvements can be made. Contrary to popular belief, if you eat it and no one sees you, it still counts. (sorry!) When I was doing my food elimination diet to determine what foods were causing symptoms, I kept a journal with notes about how I was feeling and any symptoms I had and when. This was very helpful to see trends and keep track of my food sensitivities.

Carrying a notebook around or remembering to log a meal when you get home can be a pain but it is worth it. I have used a couple of online and mobile apps, like Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal, CalorieCounter, FitBit, and more. My favorite app for logging what I eat is MyFitnessPal.  It contains almost all the foods I eat, most of which are organic and small companies, you can scan a barcode to capture your food, and its pretty easy to add your own food items.  Many of the other apps only contain big popular chains and food products. Plus, on it’s own MyFitnessPal FullSizeRenderhas a built in pedometer and you can manually enter other exercises.  It then adjusts your calorie requirement based on how many calories you need on a daily basis.  The best thing I like about MyFitnessPal(MFP) is that the food data I enter syncs with my FitBit statistics. I do not like the FitBit’s food management program because it had none of the foods I ate, so I was expected to manually enter everything. Synching MFP to FitBit is a nice work-around.  What’s great about taking the time to enter all the food you eat throughout the day is that, at any time, you can see how your IMG_1486nutritional analysis going. Are you eating too much protein and not enough carbohydrates, etc? You can make adjustments as you go and understand how your diet needs to change to be more balanced. You can also log your water intake, which helps me a lot. Many days I get into automode and forget to drink water or I limit my drinking because I am out and don’t want to have to use a public bathroom…then I can’t or don’t catch up. For water intake, I like the FitBit app. Problem with that is you have to have the FitBit. Well worth the money.

I used to have a Up by Jawbone and the battery died on me and was never chargeable again. Plus is was bulky and too manual for me. I would put it into the wrong mode all the time. I love my FitBit HR. It gives me my steps, heart rate, miles walked, calories burned, and steps climbed at a moments notice. The phone app is great too, except for the food logger. You can also join different groups. I didn’t think I would like to join groups and compare myself with others. However, my sister hooked up with me and the competition was on, until she lost hers. What’s even better about FitBit is that there is a style to match for every budget.

What have you found that helps you reset your health behaviors? I would love to hear what tools and resources you find helpful and that you have had success with.

Please comment below and share with all of us ….


Links to more information

1. For MyFitnessPal, following this link… MyFitnessPal .

2. FitBit and all the options, click here  FitBit. Too see prices go to or

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