Hitting Reset

I started this blog to share information, insights, and experiences in hopes of inspiring others. However, it is also an opportunity to remind myself how to live better and to inspire myself to continue on this path to well-being. Remember, it is a journey not a destination.

That being said, this was one of the worse winters for me here in New England. I dislike the winter and with record breaking snows and below normal temperatures, I was not a happy camper. It was hard to go outside and walk in the words, I couldn’t reach my grill, and getting around on the roads was treacherous. I continued to walk my dogs about 4-5 times a week and did my best to eat healthy but it is hard when you are cooped up.


Rum Punch at RumRunners

So, we escaped to St Croix for April Vacation to see some sun and sand. It was just what I needed. However, eating out in restaurants every day has always been hard for me; I don’t feel very well after a couple days unless the food is super fresh. St Croix has a couple great restaurants (note: Rowdy Joes and Eat@CaneBay) but the local cuisine is surprisingly starchy, heavy, and fatty for island living.  I ate fish as much as I could but I definitely indulged in the conch fritters, rum punches and other island specialties.

So now it’s time to reset my habits. I can admit I am not really feeling my best right now. I am feeling a bit lethargic, bloated, and am having more cravings than usual. For me, I need a couple days of eating healthy to break the cycle. After a couple good days, I will start to feel better and I won’t have these bad cravings or symptoms.

Today is day 1. I went for my first run in a LONG time and I started my breakfast on the right foot.  Exercise in the morning usually helps me make better food choices too.  But right now, those cravings are kicking in. It’s all mental that I want to eat everything…the cashews, the chocolate covered cranberries, salami, cheese, cantaloupe, left over risotto, etc.  I have slipped, I will admit. But I remind myself to stop and try to curb the damage.  Having setbacks is okay but it is also possible to still salvage my day and keep moving forward.  It also helps to stay busy and today I don’t have a lot of plans and don’t have the energy or the focus to tackle those things I should be doing. For me, I know this is because of my diet and how it’s affecting my body and mind.

To add to the mix, I am also taking a friend out for lunch for her birthday. That will be a tough one but I have a plan in my head and I know I can enjoy lunch without feeling like I messed up my reset plans. It’s about celebrating with her and not eating like a pig.  I will enjoy my lunch, have a light dinner, and make sure that the next two days I am set up to succeed.

For some this sounds like torture but this process that works for me when I have gone off the rails. Two days of exercising and eating well will reset my cravings, how I feel, and my emotional outlook.  This is also not about weight. It’s about feeling good, feeling healthy, having energy, and being able to think clearly and creatively.

So my reason for writing this is twofold…1. to hold myself accountable during this reset and 2. to let you know that I know I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be.  I have the same struggles that everyone else has. I do believe that sharing our experiences and what works for us will help others.

If you have a health tip that helps you reset your bad habits, please share.

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