Health Magazine

Health Magazine, May 2015 issue

While at Logan Airport, I found a great health-related magazine, Health Magazine. I have never read this magazine before but instantly fell in love. (at least with this issue)

First of all the title and tagline are Health: Happy Begins Here. I love that.

Second, the articles are more in line with my current lifestyle and health beliefs. For example, the May 2015 issue features an article on Tracy Anderson, fitness trainer to the stars.  I thought I would gag. However, she was surprisingly normal and I had some great tips and an inspirational story. The article is titled “Strong is the New Sexy” and I do like that too because it doesn’t necessarily mean physically strong but also encompasses mentally and emotionally strong. Strong does not have to mean harsh, rugged, athletic. People who love themselves and others unconditionally are strong.  People who fight for injustices and for other people are strong. People who are at peace are strong.  Strength comes in many shapes and sizes and that is sexy, beautiful, and wonderful.

Some other articles that appeared in this issue are:

Natural Ways to Pretty Up. I have pretty much switched my skin and hair care products to natural and organic versions. It took a long time to find the ones that worked for me, but I have just about succeeded. This article has some products you can try if you are on that same path. There is information on vegan trends, farm-to-face products, food based beauty products, and label identification.

Get Slim on Autopilot. Now I am not a proponent of changing your diet to lose weight. It focuses too much on the physical appearance instead of being healthy.  If you eat healthy, you will be healthy. However, this article has some great tips on eating healthier. To me, being healthy is the goal and that is also a journey.

#SAVEYOURSKIN, You Could Save a Life…Even Your Own. This article is about skin cancer. It contains great information about what to tell your doctor, common SPF mistakes, what to look for with images, how to check yourself, and real stories that teach and that we can relate to.

Stir Fry Tips. Great recipes for all types of stir fry dishes.

Your Breasts, a user’s manual. This article breaks down the anatomy and physiology of breasts, how to keep them healthy, and how to get the correct fitting bras. It also touches on breast cancer screening, achy boobs, and the things that can increase your risk of breast cancer.

Shy About Your Symptoms? An article featuring those taboo topics you may not want to discuss with your doctor or anyone but sometimes should.

And there was so much more. I do wish they had more ads from natural and organic products instead of the traditional pharmaceutical companies. However, I know that they need the money to keep the magazine going.  Maybe someday, the ads will be more in line with their content.

…Or maybe that’s an opportunity for someone else?

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