Kindness Matters

Today, I went to the Townsend Earth Day Craft Fair to support the business endeavors of my friends, Carol, Kathleen and Sarah.

Carol was selling her crystals and crystal jewelry.  Check out 3Sisters to see a sample of her incredible necklaces and crystals/stones. I love her necklaces and with so many unique designs it was hard not to buy all of it.

untitled shoot-6209Kathleen is a Reiki Master Teacher and an Oil Mixologist. She was debuting her brand new line of fragrant and healing oil blends.  You can check out Kathleen’s offerings at Jivana Reiki and Oils on Facebook. Although, to really appreciate these natural oil blends you gotta smell them in real life…awesome!

untitled shoot-6207Sarah was there helping out her friends but is very creative in her own right. Her handmade metal work is beautiful. Although, she has not taken that leap to start a business, we all think she should. She designs beautiful necklaces and earrings then just gives most of them away. Her designs are Sundance Catalog quality and style without the high price tag (when she sells them).

Then this happened…

When I was there my friend’s young son was trying to encourage patrons to come check out his mom’s products. He is a young sweet little boy who was enthusiastic to help. He tried to show something to a grown man and this man told him to “F— Off”. Of course, he and his mother were disgusted and shocked. However, knowing how sweet and kind-hearted both mom and son are, I know they will not allow this offensive behavior to affect them for longer than a nano-second nor will they perpetuate the meanness.

Personally, I was disgusted and saddened by this event too. How can a grown man or women (or anyone) be so crass and cruel to a young child who was just trying to help.  Only someone who is deeply hurting. This “man” may think crystals and oils are weird but that is no excuse to treat someone so poorly, especially a child. I am sure this is not the first time this “man” has treated someone like this.

However, life is like a web. When you send good things out, good things come back. When you send bad out, bad things happen. Along the way, the negativity and positive energy affect everything in it’s path. Take F-man. He was probably treated poorly sometime that morning and then perpetuated that hate. In many cases, the next person would feel bad, then they would lash out at the next unsuspecting. This can go on forever.  This is why it becomes even more important to stop, let it go, and not allow the misbehavior of others to taint your own. There is enough anger, polarization, hatred, and judgement out there, we don’t need more.

What is REALLY important is to be kind to each other. During those times when kindness is not shown, we have to make sure not to let the hate into our hearts. We cannot allow this negativity to be perpetuated.  Let it go and stay positive.

I know my friends who were witness to this harsh behavior are spiritual, earthy, and very kind hearted.  They also believe in peace, love, and kindness. Sounds a little cliche but you really couldn’t ask for more genuine souls. I am so very lucky to have women like them in my life. Life is so much better when we surround ourselves with good people who are positive and loving.

If you find it hard to let go of these events or if you allow people to steal your happiness, you probably need to learn to center and deflect. I found this cute little article on protecting yourself from toxic people.  Give it a try.

In the meantime, be positive and don’t let others steal your joy!

Kindness matters

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