Red Robin of Spring

This week, red robins have been appearing everywhere. They are one of nature’s first signs of spring; signs that warm weather and new beginnings are on their way. A couple days ago, there was a momma robin following my dogs in the yard, flying from tree to tree to stay with them. She was quite curious.  Then this morning, one flew right in front of my car.  Okay, now you have my attention!


So I looked up the meaning of the red robin… 1. the robin is a reminder to present only the highest truth when speaking (interesting since I just started this blog) 2. the robin brings new perspectives and new beginnings.  Yup, that’s me right now and it may be a lot us right now. Spring is rebirth, it is an awakening, it is time to wake up from our long winter’s nap.

The native americans believe that animals bring us messages, we just have to pay attention. When you see an animal that is either out of the ordinary for you, one you haven’t seen in a while, or one that keeps popping into your life (like my robin) that is the time to pay attention.  They are sending you information.

There are some great websites I go to when I want to find out the meaning of an animal encounter or see if it has any relationship to what’s going on in my life at present.

There is also the belief that we are born with an animal totem that symbolizes who we are and how we connect with the world. What animals are you drawn to? If you were to visit the zoo, which animal would you be most interested in seeing? These might be indicators of your animal totem. For more informtion, check out

This information is a fun way to remember to stay true to yourself and be more aware of what is going on around you. Looking up the animal meaning and symbols is just fun and it’s harmless.

It’s just about becoming more mindful in your day-to-day life.


I often look to nature and native american beliefs and traditions for guidance.  Nature is inspiring and can bring a sense of groundedness, balance, and peace. Native American values, traditions, and beliefs are often based on nature and respecting the mother earth. I just love that!

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