For many of you that know me, the subject of nutrition is near and dear to my heart. I spent many years with many different gastrointestinal (GI) problems. Without going into some of the gory details, let’s just say I had had enough. I was sick of daily medications and supplements and a well-timed conversation with my aunt gave me an opportunity to see if I could try something else.

My aunt had been seeing a local nutritionist, George Mandler at Integrative Wellness, who was a LEAP-certified nutritionist. By changing her diet she was able to significantly reduce the severity of her sinus infections among other things. I decided to go see George and learn more.

The premise of the MRT test and the LEAP protocol is quite simple. Each person is completely unique. We may share some similarities like blood type but at a cellular level we each react to foods differently. The MRT test determines which foods cause inflammation at the cellular level and inflammation is the root cause of disease.  Each person will have a different outward expression of this inflammation. I tend to have digestive problems and acne. Other people may have rashes, infections, moodiness, fatigue, hair loss or something else.

I went to see George for help with my digestive issues. I had recently noticed that when I ate tapioca and other gluten-free ingredients, my stomach would bloat up like a balloon. I had also already figured out that high fat foods and milk made me feel…well, icky!

George had me fill out a questionaire about all my symptoms…some I didn’t even realize were symptoms like adult acne, moodiness, etc. My score was something like 35, average/borderline problematic.  I had the MRT blood test done and the results were shocking. I was most reactive or sensitive to some foods I ate almost everyday like eggs, bananas, and coffee.  With some safe, green-light foods on my plate I set out for a 2 week detox. This was the hardest thing I had ever done.

First of all, eating the same food every day sucks, especially while everyone else gets to eat whatever they want. However, at the end of those 2 weeks I felt better than I had ever felt in my life. No acne, my mood swings leveled out, my energy level leveled out, my stomach didn’t feel full and bloated all the time, etc.  My symptom score now was a 7.  At this point, you get to add back in foods one at a time.  So, the worst is over.

Want another example? My sister-in-law decided to do this too.  She was also in the middle of dealing with some food related issues but had a staph infection in her nose that would not clear up. The only thing that kept it at bay was some topical antibiotic. As soon as she stopped the antibiotic, it came back. She did this LEAP elimination diet, and yup, cleared up the staph infection. When she cheats…it comes back. Her doctors poo poo this correlation but she knows better.

Why don’t doctors want to admit that disease and food have a strong correlation? Because there is no scientific study to support it. Sure, the people at LEAP have documentation but it cannot be reproduced in a scientific study. Why? Because no two people are alike.  No one is going to fund a study where each person’s results are different. There are no conclusions, no generalizations that can be made.

Current scientific studies rely on data and statistics to support their theory. You can’t really do this with nutrition. That’s why there is no diet plan that is 100% effective for everyone, every time.  One study says tomatoes help cure cancer, one study says too many tomatoes cause cancer (this is a made up example). For every study supporting a cause, there will be a study denouncing it. Again, this is because each of us is different, our bodies react differently to different foods and chemicals and you cannot generalize that.

So the next time you read an article that says “eat this and keep cancer away” remember that may not be right for you.

Listen to your body.

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