Kim is a health/wellness/lifestyle coach and health educator who works with teens and adults, ages 15-35, who want to be and feel healthier, less stressed, more confident and successful.



“Kim’s thoughtful coaching helped me to really focus on what I want out of my life. I worked with Kim to set goals, and she helped keep me accountable and moving forward. Through her positive encouragement I found that I was making progress and accomplishing or exceeding my weekly goals. Having her support while I pushed myself out of my comfort zone was key. Because of her guidance I have a much more balanced life and I’ve been able to accomplish more than I thought possible!

I highly recommend Kim’s coaching to anyone who wants to bring their life, work, and inter-personal relationships to the next level. I cannot overstate the importance and benefit of having Kim as a coach, and as far as I’m concerned, there are none better then Kim!”

-Laura, Coaching Client from Harvard


“Accomplished more than I thought possible”

“I like the mindfulness aspect of the class. The yoga breathing we did before our discussion was really calming and I enjoyed coming because it helped me stay in a present state of mind.”

“I like the small group and the different assignments. I like the mindfulness part and how it related to all the assignments.”

“I liked having a specific topic [to photograph] but still having freedom.”


Teen Mindful Photography